I Hear Popping Noise In My Bench Shirt

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I Hear Popping Noise In My Bench Shirt

Popping sounds coming from your bench shirt isn't necessarily a bad thing. The sound you hear is actually just micro tears in the fibers of the shirt!

For a shirt that is still brand new and is undergoing a break in process, this is completely normal, and expected. I still get a few of these time to time in my age old shirt.

This doesn't mean your shirt is about to blow up on you, it doesn't mean your safety is at risk, it won't even ruin the integrity of your shirt. In most cases the performance will remain completely in tact!

I've had a bench shirt actually blow up on me and it's a much louder noise than a simple "pop"!

When you first get a shirt, you can avoid some of this by breaking it in slowly and allowing the fibers to stretch over time. 

Jamie Matta was kind enough to write a guest article for us entitled "Breaking In A Bench Shirt" which is available here

Jamie is extremely credible when it comes to bench shirts and equipped lifting, he's been in just about every shirt imaginable and he shares his tips on the break in process

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