Increase Your Bench Arch with This Quick Drill

Increase Your Bench Arch with This Quick Drill

💥 Bench Arch 💥


While you might not be able to get into an arch that cuts your range of motion to nearly nothing you can always work on improving your positioning. This is my go to warmup drill that lets me improve my bench position  and helps me avoid any potential neck strains that come along with the bench setup. 




Start off with a peanut ball, I place it at the base of my skull and start working my way downwards until I hit about mid back. 



When I start at the back of my head I’ll start doing chin tucks. The shape of the peanut ball helps here because it allows you to really get after the tissue while avoiding putting all the pressure on your spine. 




From there I’ll start working my way downwards onto my traps and upper back. From here I’ll spread my scaps and let the ball really get into the tissue. In addition I’ll start to let myself arch over the ball and really work on extension through the t spine. This is where you want to keep some core tension to ensure that your arching from your upper back and not letting extension come from your low back. 




When I hit right around the mid back is where I end the drill. All in it takes about two minutes and is definitely worth the time so I can avoid neck cramps and maximize my position for some heavy benching. 


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