Keep Your Shoulders Tight! 2 Underrated Bench Exercises

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Keep Your Shoulders Tight! 2 Underrated Bench Exercises

These 2 bench press exercises are underrated and very valuable for anyone looking to get their shoulders tighter! Avoid injuries to your shoulders

Both these exercises really stress that "spread" component to the barbell. Both can be done with a wider grip to emphasis that

Wide grip board press takes you out of a stacked joint position and forces you to spread the bar hard if you want good pop and force transfer off the board. We use the board to emphasize the triceps, overload the weight, and emphasize the spread even more

Pin press is the same way, except now its concentric only! This forces the issue of knowing how to get tight even more! If you aren't tight, the control will be bad and the press will feel heavy and slow

Get good at the wide grip board press first and then you can move on to pin presses

The board and pin height should be about mid range in both movements

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