Leg Drive 101: Bench Press

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Leg Drive 101: Bench Press

This video is a full tutorial on getting the most out of your leg drive!

If you want to add more strength to your bench, have issues with your butt popping off the pad, or experience low back pain / shoulder pain, this is going to help you!

First order of business is foot positioning. Now this is different for everyone. I prefer to teach feet flat because it's legal in all federations and I believe it offers additional benefits

I get my lifters to adopt a nice wide stable base, as well as a position they feel they can really get a maximal push off the floor.

Turn the toes out slightly like you might in a squat, this gives you more surface area to create friction against the floor, and you can open up at the hips more easily!

The key with leg drive to keep your hips down is to push back, not up! Most will do a glute bridge through the floor.

Instead, think about pushing the floor mat out in front of you, or pushing the bench unit back. You want to "skim" across the bench, as demonstrated in video.

This allows you to control your hip position and transfer more force back into the bar.

Hip activation is another huge component and if you're experiencing low back discomfort, you're probably not engaged well here. Make sure you're driving the knees back in order to get that glute activation and to keep yourself stable.

If someone can push your knee in, you're not creating tension! Doing a better job here will ensure that force you generate from the floor, carries through to the bar.

When you get this all down you'll realize the only points bearing any weight are your traps and your feet.

If there was a scale under your ass, it would read zero.

You're touching, not planting the hips. You should be active enough in your leg drive that your hips never bear weight into the pad

Now practice this over and over until you become an expert! Easy to say it, another thing to practice it enough times that it becomes second nature. That could take years! Get to it!

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