Maintaining A Better Arch On The Bench

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Maintaining A Better Arch On The Bench

The best way to cut range of motion on the bench isnt by stuffing a foam roller under your lower back while you press. Focus more on increasing extension specifically at the T Spine. These two drills I love for learning how to move your shoulder blades properly while benching

If you can learn how to properly pack your shoulder blades down and catch yourself from getting into a shrugged position, you will see a tremendous difference in your bench!

One is a banded pulldown. With this drill you can focus on shoulder depression first, then finish with a pulldown. I treat it as a 2 part movement and this has been an awesome mobility exercise for me to get everything moving properly.

The second is scap push ups. Check that out on YouTube if you havent heard of them. You get in a push up position but simply focus on the movement of your shoulder blades. I demonstrate in the video how you can cut a good half inch plus off your bench stroke by learning how to do this properly!

Try these out and let me know what you think! Love receiving DMs from you guys so feel free to message!

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