NEW Bench Press Unrack Cue

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NEW Bench Press Unrack Cue

The take out (unrack) can be one of the most critical portions of the bench press. It doesn't matter how well you set up to bench, if you have a bad unrack, everything goes to waste.

What's probably the biggest portion of this? Locking down the shoulder blades!

We always hear drag it out with the lats but you can very well do that incorrectly. If I drag that bar out and don't move at shoulder level, I'm setting myself up for a very bad time!

Instead, think about dragging that bar out with your shoulder blades. Yiu should see movement at the shoulder WITH the bar. The armpit should always stay under the bar!

Think about it in this fashion and I bet you feel your upper back get involved a lot more!

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