New Bench Press Warmup Drill (Prime Your Press)

New Bench Press Warmup Drill (Prime Your Press)




One of the easiest and most effective ways to set yourself up for a bigger bench press is to prime your body for the press. Priming is just another way of saying a targeted warmup that gets your body ready for a movement. Today I’ll show you my NEW favorite movement which I call the Big Ben Hold, and all you need is a band of moderate to heavy resistance and a place to hook them up!




After setting up the bands in a rack preferably or around some dumbbells just position yourself under it where you would touch a barbell From there get yourself into a nice tight bench setup with your shoulders pinched and tucked and your feet up. Now for the holds we’re going to do single arm holds for 10 seconds double arm arms for 10 seconds and finish off with 5-10 reps with a pause and squeeze at the top.  




When we press the band we want to really emphasize the bend in the “bar.” With a band we can really activate our lats as we close off the armpit and drive our scaps down towards our hips. This has quickly become a staple in my warmup routine for the bench press and it is such a big big difference from just my normal warmup. Be sure to try it out next day you’re benching and find out for yourself!




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