PERFECTING The Bench Press Unrack

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PERFECTING The Bench Press Unrack

How you get the bar from point A to point B is a very detailed step in the bench press! Especially as you work up in weight.

A common mistake is simply pressing upwards to get the bar off the rack

The key component here is that we don't allow our shoulders to come out of position. This easily happens from unracking without a hand off or chasing the bar with a handoff

Think of the unrack as a tricep extension out of the rack. The important element being that you're tight to the bar while it's still in the rack. This will keep your lats engaged. (Triceps should turn in, armpits close off)

The lock out is the first thing we want to establish, and then drag your shoulder blades down the bench. This will allow you to position the bar closer to the spot on your chest where you'll touch the weight

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