Pros & Cons of "Chest Up" Bench Cue

Pros & Cons of "Chest Up" Bench Cue

This cue is very common for the bench press. It's a fantastic cue that maintains your position and sets your back tightness

However, depending how you go about reacting to it as the lifter, it can be negative or positive

What I find that instead of just creating the chest up effect from the upper body, lifters tend to get their legs involved. They turn their leg drive into a glute bridge which brings the chest up, but also brings the butt off the pad

It is important to note that with this cue you shouldn't ever be gaining new ground with your chest position. That should be set during the set up phase.

However you are maintaining your chest position and keeping your back active.

Instead of executing this cue with the lower body, you need to execute it by dragging shoulders under and rotating rib cage up. It's a t spine extension cue.

You should feel your upper back get tight from performing it correctly

The lower the bar descends, the more tightness in your back you encounter. (also why you need good traction)

Keep this in mind the next time everyone is yelling chest up at you.

Great cue, if applied correctly!

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