Quick Tips To Increase Bench Stability

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Quick Tips To Increase Bench Stability

In this segment of Coach Ben Reviews, I take a look at a video submitted by @pottsfitness (IG). Strong athlete here repping out 315 pretty handedly, with a lot of potential for increase!

Now we didn't have this piece of the video but my recommendation is always look at and try to refine the set up process first

This may help us eliminate some of the instability if we can get into a tighter position and establish early leg drive.

Another thing I like to see with the toes back style of leg drive is alignment in the foot. Meaning the heel driving directly behind the toes. In this scenario, I think bringing the feet a bit closer may naturally solve that a bit

Then of course, as Stubbs says, it's all in the hips. Anytime we can get our hips more heavily involved in the bench, the better!

Your leg drive and hips should be active enough that you could complete your same set up without the lower half off the pad

Great benching buddy!

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