Raw vs Shirted Set Up

Raw vs Shirted Set Up


In this video I wanted to showcase how I approach a raw set up on bench compared to how I set up with a shirt on.

There are many similarities but also some differences in execution

The biggest difference is that you're severely limited in what you can do to help leverage your position

When you're raw you have more freedom to use your arms to help get you into position. In the shirt you can barely move, and or dont want to move because the shirt will shift.

In the shirt I stick to the traditional chin grip lift and tuck. Pinch your shoulders as best you can, grab a chin grip to the bar, lift your body up and plant

Then I use the feet heavily to help maximize that position (just like in raw). There are also ways to do it with the help of handlers if you have that available to you

The similarities are there as well. Prioritizing shoulders before feet remains the same for me. Using the feet heavily as a tool to set position remains the same.

The steps in the process doesn't change. 1. Pinch and tuck 2. Bridge up push back 3. Set feet down

The biggest tip I can give a shirted lifter is to not allow the shirt to dictate your final position!

While it's very restrictive, my thought process is that I'm going to get into the position I want even if I have to tear out of this shirt.

I see a lot of new equipped lifters flatten out much more than they should because they let the shirt change everything they do and dont fight against it

If you know any shirted benchers, tag them below!


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