Shoulder Injury? Try Benching Like This!

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Shoulder Injury? Try Benching Like This!

Do you currently have some shoulder discomfort while benching?

Do you typically bench wide grip?

If you're answering yes to any of these then this is a video you want to pay attention to!

I'm not saying change your grip completely! I just want to show you an alternative to work around the issue for the time being to give yourself a chance to recover.

Very simple, bring the grip in closer and emphasize back tightness!

Bringing the grip in will help shift predominant muscle groups from chest shoulders to triceps lats. Think more of a standard row position. You wouldn't power row to the upper chest, you'd aim more towards the belly.

Emphasizing what you're doing with your back will shift the load into the lats and not into the shoulders. The issue is that your shoulders are getting loaded and not allowing you to recover. This is good practice no matter if you have something going on or not. You load your bench in the lats, not the shoulders.

Making this change will allow you to keep benching pain free! I've used this strategy before and it works 

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