Simple Tip For A Stronger Bench Press!

Simple Tip For A Stronger Bench Press!




Taking the bar out with soft elbows can be deceiving. On one hand it makes you think that you're benching a shorter range of motion because the bar isn't traveling as far. But it doesn't actually help you press more weight. By taking the bar out with soft elbows you're relying on your arms to support the weight. It's very hard to transfer the load into your upper back and lats if you take the bar out with soft elbows.


We want to think of your arms like a wedge, on the takeout they just transfer the weight of the bar into the pad. Your arms are just there to transfer the force of the bar into pad. Doing this will help you activate the upper back and lats and load into them when you bench!


If you're an equipped bencher it's going to be important not to lock your elbows out too soon. As an equipped lifter you need to let your handoff person(s) drag you out into position and lockout once you start gaining control of the bar. If you lock out your elbows too soon you'll find that the bench shirt rides up on you and the collar moves up towards your neck.


Try this trick out at your next bench session. If you're guilty of soft elbows this tip is going to be great for you to easily increase you bench press!


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