Speed Bench Program for Powerlifters

Speed Bench Program for Powerlifters

💥 Speed Bench Program  💥 



This is a complete speed bench program that I like to use myself. It’s a full 12 week conjugate style program with 3, 4 week cycles. Everyone has their own take on speed work often you’ll see 1-3 reps I prefer a 5 x 5 style program.




We’re going to be moving from 40,45,50 and back down to 40% each week for every 4 week cycle. Speed is the name of the game so we’re trying to be faster on the 4th week then we started off on the first week. I like to use lower percentages for the bench press than you would see in squats or deadlifts to be able to really get the most out of speed work.





There are some rules to follow that make this program work. In addition to the % of weight on the bar you’ll need to add 20-30% in chain weight or band tension.




Add variety to each cycle. You can vary bars, grips, or bands/chains each 4 week cycle. For the last cycle I like to go back to comp bar/grip. I like to spend at least one cycle with my comp style bench press.




Speed is our main focus here so all the reps are done controlled touch and go. Don’t turn the bench into a bounce house the more momentum you use to try to launch the weight the less carryover you’ll have when you do go back to comp style benching.




Speed is king. We want to be faster on week 4 than week 1. I would rather have an athlete start off with a lower percentage to have controlled speed with the weight than it be too heavy and end up with a slow bench.



🔥 We are always looking to add highly motivated athletes to our team! If you want to make some substantial progress in strength and technique, use the link below to apply to our coaching program today!


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