Speed Work For The Bench Press

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Speed Work For The Bench Press

We use speed work to raise our levels of force production. How fast we can recruit ALL muscle fibers to aid us in producing max effort force. We do this with lighter weights and accommodating resistance (bands/chains)

If you search speed work, you might see it performed one of many ways! Videos of old Westside Barbell training sessions show speed work being done as quickly as possible. Descent and press. I don't coach it this way not because it's not effective in some capacity, just because I prefer to focus in on technique with my my athletes and moving faster than your control allows takes away from precision.

You see others moving just as quickly but with the addition of a pause, which I like! I coach my athletes to pause pretty much 100% of the time. Practice how you play and there's a training effect to be yielded by pausing that we don't want to miss out on. Still not quite how I coach it however.

How I personally prefer to coach speed work is a controlled descent, pause, and explosion up. Descend as quickly as your control allows, touch with precision and pause, then drive into the bar with all the stored energy you created. This is a great balance between training force production, technique, and meet standards.

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