Spoto Press To Increase Your Bench Press!

Spoto Press To Increase Your Bench Press!

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The Spoto press is an extremely valuable movement to perform for both raw and equipped benchers, that will make a major impact on your strength!

How is it performed?

With the Spoto press you're simply stopping the weight before touching your chest.

It is beneficial because it doesn't allow a deload. What happens often is if we pause, we allow some of the weight to sink in to the chest. This deloads the amount we actually stabilize!

When you stop the weight short, you have to stabilize the entire amount!

For example, if you're benching 225 lbs for reps with a pause and you're deloading into the chest, you're likely only getting a training effect with ~ 175 lbs.

Now if you Spoto press it, you're actually getting a training effect with 225 lbs because it forces full stabilization!

Training effect rules over trying to add unnecessary weight to the bar. Save the heavy weights for meet prep and the training effect for all other times!

Now you can pause the weight wherever your sticking point is. However for raw benchers that's traditionally off the chest. So I like to think if this movement in another light, and that is as a T Shirt press.

The goal with a T Shirt press would be to get as close to the chest as possible without touching it. In other words, touching the hairs of your t shirt fabric

Definitely a valuable exercise to throw into your training as both a raw and equipped lifter!

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