Squat Your Bench Press!

Bench Press Technique, Leg Drive -

Squat Your Bench Press!

I want to challenge you to squat your bench press! Not in terms of weight lifted, but rather in technique. 

Many might have heard to leg extension through the floor. That is a fantastic way to create leg drive.

However I feel there is a way even more optimal, that allows you way more stability and much more drive from the hips.

If you have trouble keeping your butt down, I encourage this as well!

Try placing your feet out into a slightly wider position and turn the toes out slightly.

One you're rooted here, make sure to drive the knees out to activate the hips before driving back through the heels.

Benching like this should almost feel like you're doing a squat. In fact you might feel more sore after this than your squat day!

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