Stay Tight During The Bench Press - Top 3 Cues!

Stay Tight During The Bench Press - Top 3 Cues!

Stay tight often gets yelled around the gym. It's meant with good intentions but it won't help you unless you know how to actually create tightness. No worries! I have my top 3 favorite cues for creating this "tightness" that I want to share with you!

Spread & Bend the bar! You have to have a good connection with the bar if you want to transfer force to it. Squeezing, bending, and spreading are all ways to make free weight feel more like a Smith machine. This is one of those cues you can actually feel big time!

Create a constant leg drive! What is often overlooked is your leg drive doesn't just help push force into the bar! It also maintains your position! So if you want to set up and remain in a good arch, you have to start utilizing the power of your leg drive. They keep you up on your traps!

Reach your chest to the bar! This will help keep your back tight, and also maintain position. Think about trying to meet the bar halfway with your chest. Male sure you're not bridging up with the legs to accomplish this or you run the risk of your hips lifting off the pad. Think more along the lines of rotating your ribs up to the bar

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