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  For my equipped lifters out there! What types of adjustments can you make to tighten up your shirts?    This video covers that topic! First start with simply getting the shirt on correctly and setting it in place. We have a separate video on this. Most beginners may just want to start there for a while    Adjustments are for a more advanced bencher because it will make the weight a little harder to touch and potentially control. It takes a lot more skill to work in a very tight shirt    First thing I do with Elvis in...

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Just got a new bench shirt and need to know how to break it in? This is the how to guide on breaking in your bench press shirt. For Multi-Ply and Single-Ply powerlifters. Whether you have an Inzer Phenom, Metal Jack, or Titan Super Katana, Jamie Matta of Fairhaven Powerlifting lays out the step by step

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