Technique Training Tip for Equipped Benchers

Technique Training Tip for Equipped Benchers


💥 Bench Groove💥


Trying to work technique in a bench shirt can be difficult especially if you're trying to use weights that are close to your equipped max. When you're working with close to maximal weight you can get stuck with just trying to survive under that weight.



Next time you're trying to get some technique work in the bench shirt try working with weight that's about 60-70% of your max. If you don't have a max established just use a weight that's you know that you can't touch. From here try doing triples. Triples are great because it gives you enough time under tension to work a shirt in without getting too fatigued.



From here I want you to focus on loading the shirt and keeping that spread. Get as close to touching as you can I want you to really load into the shirt. Since the weight is so light you probably won't be able to touch. You want to pull down and keep that spread and save the tuck once the shirt begins to lock up.



Remember you're probably not going to be able to touch but that's okay, the point here to to just practice and reinforce a good shirted bench groove! Since the weight is so light it lends itself well to doing some more volume for the day. Using lightweight I can often manage out 5+ sets of practice in one training session. It's great for breaking in a bench shirt or perfecting my technique.

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