The Best Drill Ever For Bench Press Leg Drive and Hip Tension

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The Best Drill Ever For Bench Press Leg Drive and Hip Tension

This drill is going to be a game changer in your training!

While it may initially look weird as you try this in the gym, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for leg drive and hip tension!

As I've said in the past, with half the bench missing you should still be able to bench in the same exact fashion. The only points of contact we need to have are the traps and your two feet.

The rest of the body including the hips are not bearing weight.

Your entire body needs to create tightness in order to transfer that force from the lower body up to the bar and that's what we are seeing here

This drill will expose where you are not creating tightness.

Butt sagging?

You're not active in the hips. Push through the floor and squeeze the glutes!

Don't feel like you could bench effectively?

Push through the floor and across the pad to create that tension, rather than just bridging your body!

There is no difference between this and what you would do on the pad normally guys! Push harder!

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