The Importance Of Bench Pressing With A Pause

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The Importance Of Bench Pressing With A Pause


The touch and go bench may be holding you back! I know how a lot of lifters think... "I'll just continue training how I've been, see my numbers increase, at the meet I'll be fine"

Not the mentality you want to fall into! I'd much rather make training feel like hell for a lifter so the meet is the easy part! That includes, pausing everything!

The pause isn't just a way to challenge you and standardize the bench in competition, but it's a unique training effect that you need to, well... train!

The pause is an isometric contraction at chest level. Unless you train this you're going to continue to have a hard time finishing 3rd attempts at meets. Take a lifter who trains majority touch an go and ask them to hold a 3 sec spoto press just off the chest with zero movement. You'll see what a struggle that is, especially as weight increases!

You need to train your ability to control and maintain tightness within that isometric portion of the bench. I have my athletes train a paused bench 100% of the time (at least they should be 👀), and as a good rule of thumb I think all powerlifters would benefit from 90% or more of their bench training being with a pause (including secondary bench work)

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