The Key To Great Leg Drive and Arch in The Bench Press

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The Key To Great Leg Drive and Arch in The Bench Press

This is something I call the 100 to 120 concept!

Most lifters make the mistake of conserving leg drive throughout the set up process and upon the descent.

Don't leave anything back here! 100 to 120 is all about using your leg drive to the fullest

Not only to put force into the bar, but for stability and maintaining positioning as well. Perhaps the 2 most overlooked benefits of leg drive

Positioning is everything, that's your spring off the chest!

120 is all about upon the press if you have anything left to give, summon it all and explode through that weight!

This is the best way to think about leg drive for the majority of lifters. This concept doesn't allow you any time to relax

Bench pressing is most exhausting in the set up! Not necessarily the execution. You should feel like you just squatted!

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