The Trouble With Heaving In The Bench Press

Bench Press Technique -

The Trouble With Heaving In The Bench Press

I do not coach a heaving style of lifting to any of my athletes. Everything is control, tension, explosion.

While some may get away with this style, I believe they are the underlying exception

Aside from the obvious control issues that it may cause, and lack of strength at chest level, there is another issue that it spurs up.

Lifters who heave rely on momentum to get the bar moving.

This means that their body needs to lift to generate that rise into the bar. Unfortunately this lends itself to the hips lifting if the feet aren't tucked back into a certain position.

This style is all vertical leg drive.

Before a lifter can even think about correcting the vertical leg drive, they would need to first address the heave.

The heave itself lends itself to other issues and until the root of the problem is fixed, it will continue being an issue.

If you have a hard time with your butt popping off the pad, first ask yourself if you're sinking the bar into your chest at all.

Fix that first. Do paused work and low spoto presses.

If your butt popping up is still an issue, play with foot position and how you're driving back on the pad.

Horizontal controls your hips, vertical will push the hips off the pad.

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