Tips For Lifters Benching With Long Arms

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Tips For Lifters Benching With Long Arms

Having long arms in the bench press doesn't have to be a sentence to having a horrible bench forever!

There are ways to make it work and it's easier than you might think!

Honestly, nothing changes! Plain and simple. How you approach the bench technically shouldn't change!

However there are some tips and tricks I can share to help prioritize certain things to aid you

First is shoulder retraction. Something lifters think they manage well but typically don't. Learn how to maximize this on the set up and the take out and you can drop an inch off that long stroke.

We have plenty of content on the exact subject

Catch with the back.

Your biggest advantage if you had any is the capability of storing more eccentric energy. Bigger stretch reflex for more pop off the chest.

Take advantage of that!!

The only way you'll do that is if you keep your back tight, load it properly, and stay in the right position

Use a wider grip! I'm not always a fan of seeking ways to cut range of motion that aren't purely technical and positioning related, but a wider grip especially for equipped benchers can serve you well!

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