Top 3 Bench Tips to Avoid Injury and Press More Weight!

Top 3 Bench Tips to Avoid Injury and Press More Weight!



The best way to stay injury free is to be proactive. The bench press when done poorly can cause all types of issues from shoulder to low back pain and everything in between but it doesn’t have to be this way. These are the top 3 faults and fixes lifters can use to help stay injury free on the bench press. 






Too often does someone hop onto a bench and just start pressing, no tightness no positioning. This is the easiest way to end up saying you used to put up 4 plates back in the day. We want to create tightness to bench big weight! That starts by pinching the shoulders blades together and driving them down and back towards your hips. This position helps by keeping your shoulders in a safer position and allowing you to engage the lats in the press. 








This is a great cue to use on the bench press takeout. If you take the car out with open armpits you can guarantee that your elbows are going to be in a bad position on the press and that your lats are not going to be a part of the movement. We want to take the bar out and work on closing off the armpits with our lats. The bench press is a total body movement get your back involved and save your shoulders! 








One of the most overlooked factors on the bench press is how you achieve your arch. Everyone asks how do I get a bigger arch but not how do I arch without hurting my lower back. If you just get into a good position with an impressive arch your letting all that tension just junk up your low back. By squeezing the glutes you’re taking that tension away and actively getting more musculature involved in the bench press. More Leg drive, a safe arch and your back doesn’t have to hurt? That’s a triple win! 





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