Top 3 Drills To Increase Bench Press Arch

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Top 3 Drills To Increase Bench Press Arch


The following drills are 3 of my favorite exercises to perform to get into a better set up on the bench press and increase arch, decrease range of motion!

Starts with some T Spine mobility, and I like a simple extension rotation drill. The key here is to focus on movement strictly at the upper back. If you're swinging your body all around you're completely missing the ball. When we set up to bench we want that arch to occur primarily at the T Spine. This drill will help unlock some additional ROM and it all matters!

The frog stretch is one of my favorites for stretching tight adductors (groin). I use a band with this to assist with some additional distraction. I'm able to acheive more range without restriction when I use the band. I use this exercise to help position my feet out on the bench. Having my feet in the correct position allows me to keep my hips down more readily and help maintain good positioning with leg drive.

Lastly is a simple hip flexor stretch. The key words here being "simple" guys. Don't spend 30 minutes on useless drills. Find what works and hit it. Hip flexor stretch is a necessity for most. We are all guaranteed pretty tight in this area. Unlocking range here allows you to bridge into better position and establish your feet in a better spot without flattening out. To perform these correctly, dont lunge out, think more about achieving a pelvic tilt as shown here.

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