Top 3 Exercises To Build Upper Back

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Top 3 Exercises To Build Upper Back

Training the upper back and rear delts is critical not only for injury prevention and keeping our shoulders healthy, but because they play a big role in successful benching! Your upper back is the platform upon which we load the weight when it travels out of the rack

1. T Bar Meadow Row - I've been using this exercise more and more and love how it targets the area so well. You can do this very light and focus on ROM or you can get heavier with this move.

2. Face Pulls - I love performing this move with either a tricep rope like seen in the video or a TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX allows you to easily change the load and really smokes the rear delts. I encourage anyone with access to one to try that variation out!

3. Seated High Row - Using cables or bands for this works well. You want to row the weight to a higher point on the chest in order to target the upper back and rest delts. Try to keep wrists and elbows aligned when doing this move.

Throw some of these into your routine and build that back up! Stronger back, stronger bench!

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