Top 3 Upper Back Priming Movements for the Bench Press

Top 3 Upper Back Priming Movements for the Bench Press

💥 Upper Back Activation  💥 


If you want to bench big weight you need to get your back involved. Our upper back often gets locked in place and it can be hard to really lock down and accomplish the pinch and tuck.  These are the top 3 upper back priming movements I recommend to prepare for the bench press. 



Scap Pulldown 


This movement helps work by working scapular depression. When we’re benching we’re not just tucked back but actively driving the scaps down towards the hips. For this movement you can just grab a band overhead and pull down with your scaps



Banded Retraction 


This movement will help you work on retracting your scaps and really help you focus on the pinch part of your setup. Here we just wrap a band around our upper back and pocket your shoulder blade down. From here we’re just focusing on movement of the scaps as you push out and let the band pull you back down. 



Chest Supported Scap Row 


This is a great movement to strengthen your scaps and can be used as an accessory movement after the bench press. You can just grab a set of dumbbells and lay face down on the bench. From here we just work on retraction and protraction of the scapula. 



For reps I’ll usually do a set of 20 pull downs 10 banded retractions then back to 20 for the scap rows. Remember if your using these movements to prime your body this shouldn’t be fatiguing it’s all about getting warmed up and ready for the bench press! 


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