Training Cues For Shirted Powerlifting Bench Press

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Training Cues For Shirted Powerlifting Bench Press

Cues I hear often regarding shirted work is spread and tuck.

Spread as in create that outwards tension like a band pull apart, and tuck as in allow the elbows to travel in as you descend with the bar. These are all great, but let's kick it up a notch!

The issue often times with these old cues is that it is really easy to do these exact things in absence of involving the back.

Etc. Biasing the wrist and elbow joint and not really including the back

I can spread the bar with simply my hands and I can tuck my elbows without involving my lats. This is an issue.

Movement without control through your back makes you a sitting duck on the bench. You no longer control the bar, the bar controls you!

Instead, change the way you approach these cues.

If you want more back activation, think of it as movement through your upper arms. Think DRIVE elbows back and DRIVE elbows in.

You'll perform these cues subconsciously with much more back activation than with a simple spread and tuck

I emphasize drive because it's an aggressive action word. Being aggressive in the bench shirt is everything.

Just like you harness aggression when you squat and deadlift (inherently a little easier to do), you need this as well when you bench!

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