Uneven Bench Press Setup (When to Correct)

Uneven Bench Press Setup (When to Correct)





You might notice that you’re not symmetrical side to side on your setup but is this a cause for concern? The answer here is that it depends on where you’re uneven and if it’s influencing your bench press.



If it’s the lower body you’re most likely fine. Your hips can have some difference in mobility that can influence how far each leg can spread. The key here is to look for hip tension. If that is even on both sides then some minor differences in foot position wouldn’t matter too much as long as it’s not influencing the symmetry of your upper body.




If your upper body isn’t symmetrical meaning your shoulders aren’t squared up at the top of the bench press this can cause the bar to helicopter or have an uneven press. Often times to correct this you just need a little more body awareness. Having someone else watch you bench and just line you up with your shoulders squared is often times all you need to do to correct an uneven setup.




When benching I usually cut it off at the hips. Anything from the hips below can have some asymmetry as long as it doesn’t create a problem above the hips. Barring any physical restriction an uneven setup is a pretty easy fix and can help you correct some major bench press faults.





Not all of us have uprights or safeties to use when benching but hopefully you do have a barbell. If you’re in a tight bench shirt odds are you also can’t reach out wide enough to touch the uprights. Here we can use the barbell hook our hands on the bar to lift ourselves up and wedge in a similar fashion. If you’re a raw lifter you can push against the bar to also create that pinch and tuck with your shoulders. 


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