The Only Wrist Wrapping Tutorial You'll Need For Bench Pressing!

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The Only Wrist Wrapping Tutorial You'll Need For Bench Pressing!

How I commonly see wrist wraps being applied is over and over in the same exact spot.

Not only can that be very uncomfortable with a stiff wrap, but no wonder no one wants 36" wraps, it just balls up in one spot

To fully take advantage of the support your wrap can provide, make sure you start your wrap as close to the back of the knuckles as possible.

You ultimately want to take up as much surface area as possible and this will be the key to a good wrap

Think about if you were tapingĀ something together. You wouldn't tape it in a single area over and over underneath the break. You would cover as much area as possible on both sides for the best support.

Nothing changes for a wrist wrap.

From there, the next key is leaving the base of the hand exposed. This is where the bar needs to lay so you absolutely cannot have wrap there.

We want as much skin contact with the bar as possible. Wrist wraps DO NOT fix a poor bar position in the hand.

This requires you to angle the wrap under the base of the hand. From there the rest is easy. Continue cutting the wrap in 3/4th as you work down the wrist. Y

es I recommend the max length 36" to anyone because it always pays yo have more coverage capability for maximum support. As is my advice with 3m knee wraps

Easy done! This change will offer you support you've never had before and will help you keep the bar in a better position for more force transfer

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