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Bench Press Cues, Bench Press Technique, Live Coaching, Take Out Phase -

Most lifters pay great attention to leg drive and tightness to the bar when taking the bar out of the rack which is great! However there is still a huge missing piece of the puzzle!

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Live Coaching -

LIVE COACHING SESSION(Melville, NY - book session by email)As you can hear in the video, some cues we I was working on with Zach was... 1. Verbalize it 2. Big BreathAs someone who mostly goes with self take outs (which is fine!), he wasn't verbalizing his communication when he did have a handoff which leaves him at a disadvantage So we worked on a 3,2, breathe pattern so we were on the same page.Big breath was something I used to remind him to slow things down and focus in on his breathing and bracing. This was something we were going...

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Bench Press Cues, Bench Press Technique -

The lats play a huge role in taking the bar out effectively to bench. This blog shows you how to master that concept!

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