THE 6 Week Bench Program

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Introducing the Big Benchas 6 Week Benching Program!

This routine encompasses 3 days of benching a week. You will not find a better priced Bench Press program out there that will deliver the results this routine provides

It is jammed pack with advanced techniques and strategically placed exercises that will keep you hitting new PR's cycle after cycle

This program is excellent for Powerlifters looking to improve their bench numbers, athletes looking to seriously improve their upper body strength, and strength enthusiasts in general looking to bench press more effectively and safely

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“I can’t believe how quickly 6 weeks went by. I started this program with a 165 lb bench, and ended with a 175 lb bench!!! I also started with a 65 lb overhead press and I finished with a 105 lb OHP. Holy crap, I’ll take that improvement!!! ”

— Rachel Elizabeth

"Coach Ben's Bench Program was a huge help! The program was planned and organized well and I added 15 pounds to my 1RM even while rehabbing a shoulder injury! I highly recommend his VIP membership too!"

— Bryant Bundick