The 2nd Bench Day Solution - FIVE 2nd Bench Day Programs

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Many training programs out there call for a single day of bench pressing. Can you make progress this way? Sure! Can you optimize your results by adding another day of benching? Absolutely!

Which brings us to The 2nd Bench Day Solution. I created this with the intent to help you optimize and further your bench training by adding another day of pressing to your routine. This isn’t a one size fits all solution. I offer up multiple ways in which you can add value on top of what you’re already doing.

The template you’ll be performing is based off what type of benching you’re already doing, and your individual weaknesses in the bench press.

The 2nd Bench Day Solution is just that, a solution. A solution to spark upper body growth, a way to kickstart a stalled out bench, and the additional work you need to take your bench press to the next level. Everybody and anybody can benefit from this!