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Learn the finer details of the bench press!
The Warm Up
Coach Ben covers what a proper bench press warm up entails. From foam rolling techniques, to proper stretching, and even activation drills to prime you to handle big weights. It is all covered here and more!
Hands On Bench Press Correction
Watch as Coach Ben takes lifters through the details of performing the bench press! Many are surprised as they unlock the power of proper positioning and leg drive!
Bench Building Exercise Demos
Coach Ben shares some of his favorite secondary and assistance exercises to improve your benching. Exercises such as the spoto press, close grip board press, and seal rows will be highlighted!
Learn how to properly set up a bench program. Key points to keep in mind, and how to break down the training week / training day!
Lifters ask Coach Ben their questions on the bench press! How to incorporate the bench training into other disciplines such as crossfit training and more!
About Coach Ben
Nick Benerakis (coach ben) has numerous nationally ranked bench presses to his name. Ranging from a 590 lb bench press at 198 lbs bodyweight (Top 5) to a 705 lb bench press at 275 lbs (Top 10). In 2018 coach ben finished 2nd in the XPC Bench Bash at the Arnold Classic. He is the owner of Big Benchas and has been spreading knowledge of bench pressing through his various social media channels and clinics since 2016