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Access one of our best events to date! Our live webinar which was hosted at our in house gym in Melville, NY  is now available!

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What's Included?

- 3 Hour Webinar Event

The Warm Up
Coach Ben covers what a proper bench press warm up entails. From foam rolling techniques, to proper stretching, and even activation drills to prime you to handle big weights. It is all covered here and more!
The Set Up
The set up is the most crucial component to a successful bench press! This is also the most important phase towards staying injury free! We touch on this phase in incredible detail and I give you all my best tips!
The Take Out
You can have the greatest set up but if you can't take the bar out with the correct tension, activation, and careful attention to detail, then all will be lost! Don't let your efforts slip by here in this crucial phase. We detail what goes into making sure you don't lose an millimeter of positioning!
The Press
We put it all together at the end for a successful bench press! What does a tight, controlled, and explosive bench look like and more importantly, what does it feel like!
Learn how to properly set up a bench program. Key points to keep in mind, and how to break down the training week / training day!
Lifters ask Coach Ben their questions on the bench press! Such as how to avoid elbow flare and when to work with dumbbells!