Size to Strength 8 Week Bench Program

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Size to Strength is for those lifters coming from more of a "bodybuilding" background, either competitively or recreationally, who are looking to increase their 1 rep max strength!

The focus of this program is on building strength off the chest with low reps, and a lot of paused benching. There is also a huge emphasis on technique! All the exercises, sets, and reps are strategically placed to put you in the best position to practice the details that go into elite bench press technique. You'll have many opportunities to practice the set up and execution of the bench press in this program!

For those looking to take the size they already have and turn it into raw strength, this program should be your choice! Size to Strength is also ideal for a lifter who typically struggles as the weights get heavier and the reps drop. An excellent program to shake things up and make some major gains!