3 Week Bench School Technical Course

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3 Week Bench Program & Video Course

WEEK 1 - The Set Up

In week 1 we cover all the details of the set up process. Where many coaches correct from the press down, we take a completely opposite approach. We attack the root of most issues. A solid set up is your foundation. Just like a house, we don't want to build a bench press on a faulty foundation

You'll find that once you take care of how you're setting up on the bench, the rest falls into place. A good set up not only cuts down range of motion, but it keeps your body in a safe pressing position, and allows you to engages= uscle groups from the start that will allow you to press more weight!


WEEK 2 - The Take Out

Week 2 is where we cover the take out process of the bench. This is an area most coaches skip over entirely!! Not here in the bench school! We give this phase of the movement just as much attention than any other because that's how important it is! 

The take out phase is crucial to positioning yourself into the lats correctly. This phase serves as a bridge between the set up and the press itself. After working so hard to execute a great set up, the last thing you want is to lose it all while taking the bar out of the rack. This is what unfortunately happens to most lifters. Not you however! Not anymore!

WEEK 3  - The Press

After all else in place, we finally turn our focus to the press itself in the last week of the school. After delving into the details of the set up and take out, the rest is easy! 

We touch on what a good bottom position looks like, how to maximize your leverages on the bench, what grip width to take, where to touch the bar, what the ideal bar path looks like, and much more! This is the phase where everything comes together to make a complete bench press!