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Who Is Coach Ben?

Nick Benerakis is a strength coach who specializes in coaching the Bench Press. Through his work with Big Benchas LLC he is quickly being regarded as the go to source for those seeking help in this lift. Coach Ben is also a competitive powerlifter himself, with a 710 lb Mutli-Ply Bench, and a 1900 total at 198 (8th in country 2017). He finished 2nd amongst the top pros in the XPC Arnold Classic Bench Bash in 2018. His passion is coaching powerlifters of all ages and strength levels!

What Makes Our Coaching Experience Unique? 

With Big Benchas online coaching, you are receiving more than a personal coach, you're receiving a whole TEAM who is there to support you in your journey to get stronger. Our program is anything but cookie cutter. It is truly a team effort and the process is extremely detailed! You'll be held accountable, you'll receive check in's, detailed video critiques, and personal attention unlike anything you'd receive anywhere else. Just see what our lifters have to say!


Only Settle For The Best Experience!

Video reviews are detailed and comprehensive. Often times 5+ minutes of voice over explanation, graphics, and comparisons

Our coaching principle is that even the best can get better. There is always a way to improve. THAT is why lifter's choose our team. To work on the details to help them become great and STAY great

Receive access to our private team group where we have lifter's from all over the world. Countries such as India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, Spain, Denmark, amongst others represented!


Join The Team!

When you first sign up you will receive a detailed questionnaire so that we can personalize your experience! Information such as goals, previous training, scheduling, current maxes, and things you'd like to see in training going forward will be collected. This information is used in the creation of your training program which will be delivered through our coaching app on a monthly basis

From there we will be in contact on the regular! You're never left in the dark with our online coaching experience. We bridge the gap in miles between us through constant communication and detailed feedback. Coach Ben invests in your success! 


We will be in contact!

Gold Coaching Package


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In Person Coaching

(Located in Melville, NY)

With our in person coaching experience you'll receive...

• 1.5 - 2 Hours Personal Hands On Coaching

• Free Big Benchas T Shirt

• 3 Weeks Online Coaching Access 

 Our In Person Coaching Experience is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed in just ONE session! We back that up by giving you 3 weeks of free access to our online coaching program to ensure that technique sticks. We cover every aspect of the bench press and you will leave feeling more confident than ever! Athletes often travel 3+ hours regularly and have flown in to train with us

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Program Templates Below

Athletes are adding 15+ lbs to their bench consistently using our 6 Week Bench Program!