2 Tips To Add 100 lbs To Your Bench Press!

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2 Tips To Add 100 lbs To Your Bench Press!

Ok, 100 lbs isn't guaranteed! But these two cues certainly helped me go from a 730 lb bench in April, to an 820 lb bench in September, and handling more in training!

The first being an adjustment in set up. Since you become restricted by the bench shirt, I found it extremely advantageous to take a top down approach

What I mean by that is after I'm fully set, to actually crawl my shoulders down towards my hips after the fact. So I'm setting my shoulders last which is the opposite of what I teach to raw lifters.

This helped me work around the restrictions of the shirt and cut almost an inch off my stroke!

The second being the cue of "squish the cushion". What a difference! You won't prioritize trying to chase and grab the bar on the take out anymore.

Your sole objective is to get your arms locked, patiently wait for that bar to be brought out, while you drive your shoulders hard into the pad underneath you

The control you gain from doing this will be night and day!

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