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Hard to beat these Big 3 activation drills for the bench! If you have a hard time connecting with your back, perform these and you'll have a new appreciation!Spreaded Take Out This is a double whammy because it helps you secure that spread to keep your shoulders tight, while having to use your lats to drag the band out into benching position. Can't beat it! Lights you up!Reverse Band Bench Row You're simply suspending a bar in a rack via bands. It's a phenomenal exercises for teaching you how to initiate the bench as a row, build up your back...

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  The earthquake bar is an immensely beneficial tool for any lifter! However, once you have one, how can you progress your training with itI recommend starting off with low weight high reps. Don't worry about pausing here, just get into a groove and get a feel for instability training. You'll probably learn a few tricks on how to keep your back tight yourselfThe next progression would be to add pauses! This will be a challenging test. Once you add in pauses you will feel the demands for stability increase. I recommend pausing top and bottom of the range of...

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(Add 30 lbs to your bench in 20 days! See link below!) This is a topic I've been huge on lately and something you need to try!This drill will help you maintain back tightness!What often happens is lifters can get into this awesome set up and execute a great take out, but the work doesn't stop there!The upper back plays such a huge role in bench press success. Many lifters press through the bar without maintaining that tightnessThey shift immediately into pressing with their chest shoulders and worse yet, the load shifts to being stabilized by their shoulders instead of...

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