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Elbow pain is something that plagues most benchers. This video isn't necessarily something designed to fix that, but to better manage it and work around itTo create a fix I always suggest seeking out the help of an established professional in that realm such as a PT. That is there job. Otherwise you're just generalizing a solution. Some things that have helped me when it comes to programming is to adjust intensity. This will be the primary training variable I adjust when it comes to elbow pain with my athletesWe simply won't work as heavy. The next thing to go...

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  The following drills are 3 of my favorite exercises to perform to get into a better set up on the bench press and increase arch, decrease range of motion!Starts with some T Spine mobility, and I like a simple extension rotation drill. The key here is to focus on movement strictly at the upper back. If you're swinging your body all around you're completely missing the ball. When we set up to bench we want that arch to occur primarily at the T Spine. This drill will help unlock some additional ROM and it all matters!The frog stretch is...

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The best way to cut range of motion on the bench isnt by stuffing a foam roller under your lower back while you press. Focus more on increasing extension specifically at the T Spine. These two drills I love for learning how to move your shoulder blades properly while benchingIf you can learn how to properly pack your shoulder blades down and catch yourself from getting into a shrugged position, you will see a tremendous difference in your bench!One is a banded pulldown. With this drill you can focus on shoulder depression first, then finish with a pulldown. I treat...

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