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These are common mistakes I see often! Make sure they don't happen to you! First would be lifting the bar out with your shoulders. I see lifters get into such great set ups only to see it fall to the wayside because of a poor takeout. What I tell lifters is if that bar doesn't sink lower after that initial lockout, then you haven't got it down yet! Learning how to... A. take the bar out with the lats B. how to set the bar into the lats is huge!!!Touch and Go benching, go figure! Not only do I discourage...

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Are you typically benching alone without the help of a spotter? This situation is not ideal but I'm going to show you how to make the best of it!Safety first! Raise the safety arms on your bench or rack if you have one. Not worth risking it. If your in a commercial gym, make sure someone is around if you're going very heavyUse the cueing sequence Bridge, Spread, Drag, Settle. I wish that spelt something cool but it's only BSDS. In order to compensate for not having a hand off, you'll want to bridge up from the floor to put...

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Most lifters pay great attention to leg drive and tightness to the bar when taking the bar out of the rack which is great! However there is still a huge missing piece of the puzzle!

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