Aggressive Take Out For A Stronger Bench Press

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Aggressive Take Out For A Stronger Bench Press

You may have heard someone tell you to take the bar out more aggressively before. What does that really mean though?

How I perceive an aggressive take out is in two ways. Applying early tension to the bar in a big way, and making a spotter's job very easy

When you're setting your hands to the bar, get aggressive with it!

Crush it, bend it, rip it!

I know someone is getting tight to the bar vs just placing their hands when I either see them shaking slightly or the bar vibrating.

You should be pulling out on the bar aggressively enough that a hand off can easily and delicately guide the bar for you.

If it requires a large amount of effort on the spotters part to hand you off, you're likely not getting tight early or you're not assisting in that pullover type of motion. (Equipped lifting aside)

Lifting is aggressive! It takes aggression, force, tension, to lift effectively and heavy. I feel more than any other lift, this goes by the wayside in the bench press.

Especially on the take out phase.

This is where many struggle to connect a good set up to the press.

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