Don't Make These Mistakes! Bench Pressing Caution

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Don't Make These Mistakes! Bench Pressing Caution

These are common mistakes I see often! Make sure they don't happen to you!

First would be lifting the bar out with your shoulders. I see lifters get into such great set ups only to see it fall to the wayside because of a poor takeout.

What I tell lifters is if that bar doesn't sink lower after that initial lockout, then you haven't got it down yet!

Learning how to...

A. take the bar out with the lats

B. how to set the bar into the lats is huge!!!

Touch and Go benching, go figure! Not only do I discourage this because you often miss out on the training effect on chest level, but for those that bounce the bar you also miss out big on bar path.

You want to train and ingrain a single bar path as perfectly as possible.

Think of the bench as two separate parts. You need to land it perfect before you can think about pressing it perfect.

Well if you bounce that bar is more than likely going to be going astray quite often

Sinking the bar would be the other mistake to avoid!

Those who lift their head and cave their chest position are sacrificing tightness and actually making the press longer. Never sacrifice the tension and stability your back can provide you.

Always look to reach the chest up and lock the shoulder blades down towards the hips!

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