Band Assisted Pull Ups: Do More Pull Ups!

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Band Assisted Pull Ups: Do More Pull Ups!

 Pull ups are a great back builder! We usually learn them at an early age but unless we keep performing them as we gain size and strength, they become harder and harder to perform. Or perhaps you've never tried pull ups

Using a band for assistance is your ticket to performing perfect pull ups and doing more of them!

Either place your knee or your foot (for more assistance) in the band of your choice. The thicker the band, the more assistance it will give!

A great strategy is to start your pull ups with a heavy band. Perform a certain number of reps. As you get more proficient, drop down to lighter bands. Soon enough as you develop your strength, you should be able to do full pull ups without any assistance at all!

I always recommend EliteFTS bands, they are pretty universally known and they always have great sales on them!

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