Bench Freak Band by Rich Putnam: Review

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Bench Freak Band by Rich Putnam: Review

I rarely do any product reviews unless I'm 100% into something and see the benefits for all of you lifters. This is one of those products! Rich Putnam's @bench.freak band. If you're a shirted lifter, this is a must have for your training!

The Bench Freak Band is simple and so versatile. There are 3 different options (all in one device) for tightness levels. Why cycle through 3 different products when you can have it all in one! Now everybody training can effectively use the same device and adjust the tightness to their skill level or desired pop!

This actually feels like a shirt! Where slingshots, and other products fail is they don't quite fully capture the feeling of benching in a shirt. This device does a great job. It will tuck you in just like you're in a bench shirt. Two things I'm currently working on in my training, 1. Tucking harder and touching low, 2. Throwing the bar back more aggressively. This device is the perfect tool for both those things!

Want to use a higher groove, elbows out more? Just position the bench freak band higher up your arms! Simple as that

The assistance you get from one layer is awesome but minimal at the same time. A great starting point for a lot of lifters to get used to bench shirts or to do some minimalistic training while keeping a shirted groove. 3 layers is like an aggressively tight shirt where you will need assistance to position yourself. In fact you might even bench more in this than in your shirt!

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  • jean

    Thanks for the shoutout!!!! Great review!!! This is what powerlifting is all about! supporting each other! Thanks Ben!!!

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