Bench Press Set Up Tip To Maintain Better Arch

Set Up Phase -

Bench Press Set Up Tip To Maintain Better Arch

The barbell can be your best friend when it comes to setting up on the bench. As you know we are trying to "arch" to our highest position in order to cut range of motion down, protect our shoulders, and engage with our back

Typically when you begin placing your feet to the floor or positioning them, our arch begins to collapse. To help maintain your arch as you place your feet, you can simply place your hands on the barbell. Doing so will help keep your chest from collapsing down!

The difference in the video may look slight but if you experience it, you'll feel one way easily shift you to your upper back and off your traps, and leveraging with the bar keeps you positioned on your traps and prevents your arch from dropping. Give it a try the next time you train!

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