Bench Press Sticking Point Drill (Stop Getting Stuck off the Chest!)

Bench Press Sticking Point Drill (Stop Getting Stuck off the Chest!)



One of the big changes you have to deal with when you switch to a powerlifting style of bench press is getting used to pausing off the chest. The pause on the chest can also be one of the greatest tools you can use to develop your bench press. Doing a long style pause bench can do wonders in creating more back tightness, fixing a bad bar path, and just increasing your bench!


This drill is going to be a 10 second hold with about 50% of you 1rm. You can start lower and build up over a few weeks but consistency is going to key. From here you would get into your usual bench setup, hold the weight for 10 seconds at the bottom while actively bending the bar with your lats, not allowing it to rest on your touch point and really focusing on trying to create maximal tension with sub maximal weight. Then you just fire back.


The trick to making this drill as effective as possible is going to be putting 100% effort into the hold. If your max bench is 400lbs at the bottom of that bench press you better be putting that level of intensity into this drill.


Doing about 3 sets of 1 rep makes this an easy quick drill that you can do to quickly fix some common bench press faults. I've kept this hold in my program and I like to use it with my athletes who have trouble with paused benching in general and it does wonders in terms of improving your bench press.


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